Allergy Treatment

Using Chiropractic Therapy to Alleviate Allergic Reactions

Constantly sneezing, having a runny nose, and coughing are all symptoms of allergy issues. Now you might be wondering, what causes these annoying allergic reactions and how can they be prevented? When the beta globulin molecules in your immune system recognize foreign antibodies, these molecules will attack them in order to get rid of them. As a result, your body reacts by starting a chain reaction that results in inflammation and the common symptoms you find when you are allergic to a particular substance. This is how you know that your body is working to expel those foreign molecules from harming your system any further. If you are a very hypersensitive person, then you know from experience how it feels when you are dealing with an allergic reaction.

If you are having lots of issues with allergies and getting allergic reactions, then you might be surprised to discover that there is a possible link between being hypersensitive and having joint issues. Since chiropractic therapy, especially therapy administered at Imperial, is an important exercise that relieves neurological problems, it is not surprising that chiropractic patients often find allergy relief as one of the added benefits from therapy sessions. If you are looking for allergy relief, you'll obviously want to consult with an allergist. However, you may even be able to consult with an experienced chiropractor about how therapy could help you. 

How Therapy Can Help

 The chiropractor can align the spine that has an important effect on the central nervous system. This means that there is a subluxation in the vertebra. While it may not completely cure the allergic reaction, realigning the spine leads to an overall better sense of control in one's environment and the CNS interpreting the environment more efficiently. It is possible, then, for allergy relief to be possible from a heightened sense of general well-being. 

Some chiropractic exercises that might help during your therapy session could include lower back strengthening and stretching. During lower back strengthening, you feel the muscles on the small of your back tighten before resting. For stretching, you can pull your knees to your chest and feel the back muscles elongate. The combined effects of both of these exercises can lead to a greater sense of flexibility and control in your environment. This greater sense of control can prevent and alleviate the symptoms associated with allergic reactions. 

While chiropractic exercises might not be the number one thing that cures an allergic reaction, it can certainly prove beneficial. Try the exercises and always remember to perform them carefully and under the guidance of a licensed chiropractor.  Contact Advanced Family Chiropractic & Rehabilitation today at (636) 464-5900 to find out about how we can help you. 


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