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Frequently Asked Work Injury Questions at Advanced Family Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Work injuries can stem from a number of causes and create a number of debilitating problems, but when you're hurt, all you care about may be rehabilitating that injury and getting back to earning a living. Fortunately, Advanced Family Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can help. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about work injury treatment at our imperial, MO, clinic.


How Common Are Work Injuries?

Work injuries occur at the astonishing rate of 4.6 million per year, which averages out to one injury every 7 seconds. Pain, soreness, and strains and sprains are among the most common issues that force employees to miss work.

What Kinds of Work Injuries Do You Commonly See?

Our chiropractic clinic commonly sees both acute work injuries and chronic work injuries. Acute injuries are related to some sudden traumatic event that fortunately heals itself within a limited period. Chronic injuries may develop more gradually, but once you have them, they may keep causing pain for months or even years without treatment.

What Are Some Examples of Acute Work Injuries?

Examples of acute work injuries include slip-and-fall injuries, sprained ankles, whiplash (especially among professional drivers), and chronic back strain from lifting a heavy object incorrectly.

What Are Some Examples of Chronic Work Injuries?

Chronic work injuries are often related to poor workplace ergonomics that cause you to stoop, twist, or bend your body unnaturally. These repetitive motion injuries can leave you with "text neck," sciatica, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other common complaints.

How Does Chiropractic Adjustment Help Work Injuries?

Chiropractic adjustment can address musculoskeletal imbalances created by (or contributing to) either acute or chronic work injuries. By gently shifting joint components into a more natural position, our chiropractor can help your joints, muscles, and nerves function more easily and comfortably. A closely related technique, called spinal decompression, can correct the position of bulging or herniated discs, thus relieving nerve compression and syndromes such as sciatica. You may also benefit from chiropractic adjustments to specific extremity joints.

What Other Treatment Methods Does Your Imperial Chiropractor Use?

In addition to chiropractic adjustment and spinal decompression, our Imperial chiropractor makes use of a safe, conservative soft tissue treatment modality called cold laser therapy. This method uses harmless, painless laser light to soothe inflammation, reduce swelling, ease nerve pain, and speed healing in strained or damaged tissues.

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