Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain: How a Chiropractor Can Help

Do you suffer from aching shoulders or radiating upper back pain? You're not alone. Upper back pain is common and can be caused by a number of different factors. Chiropractic care is ideal for upper back pain, as chiropractors use holistic, natural medicine to treat the root cause of a problem, rather than covering up the symptoms with medicine. At Advanced Family Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Imperial, we believe in your body's innate ability to heal itself from within when given the proper tools. If you've been suffering from upper back pain, we're here to help. 

Upper back pain

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain falls into one of two categories: chronic or acute. Chronic upper back pain rarely has a direct cause that's easy to pin down. Chronic pain can come and go, getting worse with stress and easing up at other times. Acute pain usually comes from an injury, such as overusing a muscle in a sport or being injured in a car accident. 

Whether your upper back pain comes from a chronic issue, such as poor posture or a bad sleeping position, or an acute injury, chiropractic care can work wonders in getting you back to your normal, healthy self. Upper back pain often has symptoms other than just pain. You may feel numbness, tingling, or burning in the back of your shoulders. This is usually a sign that you have nerve problems or damage along with muscle problems.

Treating Upper Back Pain with a Chiropractor

At Advanced Family Chiropractic, our chiropractor can help you find the root cause of your upper back pain, and help you work to alleviate that pain. At your first appointment, we'll talk about the symptoms you've been experiencing. Our chiropractor may perform a spinal adjustment or recommend that you schedule an appointment for medical massage. We may also prescribe natural nutritional supplements. Our chiropractor will talk with you about lifestyle changes that may help to alleviate your upper back pain, such as changing your work chair, changing your sleeping position, or doing stretches at home that will help to relieve pain. 

While many patients experience nearly immediate relief after their first appointment, some people take a few sessions for their pain to begin to fade. Be honest with our chiropractor about how your symptoms are changing so that we can adjust your treatment plan as needed.

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