Degenerative Disc Disease

Do You Suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease

Patients that suffer from degenerative disk disease often turn to chiropractic care for relief. The use of drug-free treatment is beneficial to many people with acute pain, and patients with these spinal issues are no different. Acute pain is often treated with potentially harmful drugs rather than an effective and comprehensive plan that can provide a lifetime of relief. Your chiropractor in Imperial is experienced in the effective diagnosis and treatment of degenerative disc disease.

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How Decompression Therapy Can Help Treat Your Degenerative Disc Disease

This therapy, performed by a chiropractor, can help to lessen the pressure that is inflicted on the discs, thereby reducing the pain and discomfort that many patients experience. Although it is named as a degenerative condition, the damage caused by this disc disorder can be halted. Appropriate treatment that begins at the onset of the condition is the most effective, but patients of all types can experience relief through decompression therapy regardless of the severity of their condition.

What is Spinal Decompression and How Can it Help?

Spinal decompression works to create more space between the discs and lessen the pressure and damage that degenerative disc disease can cause. This treatment can be performed as a minimally invasive surgery, or as non-surgical treatment; both methods have been proven to be successful in treating many patients. Surgery involves the removal or shaving of the pieces of the disc that are causing the compression. The best known, and most effective, non-invasive treatment is called IDD Therapy which stands for Inter-Vertebral Differential Dynamics. This procedure utilizes a computer powered electrical device that stretches the muscles surrounding the affected disc while also coaxing the pressure off of the pinched nerves.

Whether the surgical or non-surgical option is best for you, spinal decompression can provide relief from the symptoms that are often associated with degenerative disc disease. Dr. Amato, your chiropractor in Imperial, and the entire team at Advanced Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation are dedicated to providing their patients with the most advanced and effective diagnostic tools and treatments. It is their goal to assist all of their patients in their quest to live a pain-free life that does not rely on drugs for relief.

While some patients do not experience many symptoms due to their degenerative disc disease, others suffer from ailments such as bulging discs, herniated discs, or damage caused to the nerve roots or spine near the affected discs. 

Advanced Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is Here to Help

If you are suffering from degenerative disc disease and are seeking drug-free treatment alternatives, Dr. Paul Amato and the entire team at Advanced Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation are here to help. We offer comprehensive treatment for spinal decompression as well as decompression therapy. Please give us a call today at (636) 464-5900 to schedule a consultation. Our office is conveniently located at 5207 Warren Road in Imperial.


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