Sports Injuries

Treatment for Sports Injuries

Whether you participate in organized contact sports or just enjoy hiking or biking, you can suffer a personal injury anytime. If these injuries are not treated, they can become chronic and even cause permanent damage. Our chiropractor at Advanced Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Imperial, MO, provides patients with a variety of non-invasive therapies and treatments to help alleviate pain and help you return to the sport you love quickly.


Strains, Sprains, and Other Common Sports Injuries

Soft tissue injuries commonly occur while participating in sports. Sprains and strains can happen frequently and affect the muscles and connective tissues. Our chiropractor can help treat your specific condition with massage therapy, which will relieve swelling, inflammation, and pain. A therapeutic massage helps to fill the injured region with fluids that are beneficial in accelerating the healing process. We may also utilize cold laser therapy, electrostimulation, and other chiropractic treatments to assist you with the recovery process.

Therapy for an Arm or Shoulder Injury

The arms and shoulders can often be injured in sports. A torn rotator cuff can be especially painful and may result from a shoulder dislocation or another shoulder injury. You also might suffer from tennis elbow due to repetitive motions or a sprained wrist. Electrostimulation and cold laser therapy can help eliminate toxins in the injured tissues that are causing shoulder pain. Not only that, but the techniques can also fill the affected region with red blood cells that carry iron and oxygen to help you heal faster.

Foot, Ankle, and Knee Pain

You might twist a foot, sprain an ankle, or suffer fa torn ACL in your knee. Foot, ankle, and knee injuries can be debilitating and might make it challenging to work or continue your normal daily activities. Our chiropractor can help by providing chiropractic therapies that will help you heal quickly and don’t require pain medication or injections so that you can resume your normal activities sooner.

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If you are suffering from a sports injury, let our team at Advanced Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Imperial, MO, help. Along with treatment, we can provide sports physicals that you might need in order to participate in organized sports and to ensure that your body is healthy. We accept most health insurance coverage and can work with your physician to provide you with the necessary treatments for your condition. Contact us at (636) 464-5900 to schedule an appointment!


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