Auto Accident Injuries

Hands-On, Caring Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries with Our Chiropractor in Imperial, MO

Our Imperial chiropractor, Dr. Paul Amato, understands what a painful, trying time it can be when you’re recovering from auto accident injuries. In addition to dealing with insurance companies, deductibles, vehicle repairs and disruption from your normal routine, you may also be experiencing painful physical effects. Auto injuries don’t always show up immediately after an accident, which is why it’s important to seek chiropractic care as soon as possible. The goal is to have your joints, bones and muscles examined and x-rayed so that if any damage is detected we can begin to address it quickly before it begins to cause you pain or physical problems.

Holistic Care for Acute Onset and Chronic Conditions

One of the most beneficial aspects of getting chiropractic adjustments is that it offers fast relief from pain and discomfort without the sometimes harmful side effects of prescription medications. Many people report that their pain is alleviated after just one visit to the chiropractor. Typically, however, even if there is an initial relief from pain, patients need to stay on a routine of regularly scheduled maintenance adjustments to get the most benefit. It all starts with a thorough, hands-on examination, which allows chiropractors to detect subtle deep tissue issues or joint misalignments that a normal physical may not catch. Once an exam has yielded a specific diagnosis, a specialized treatment plan can be formulated to support recovery whether in the short term to address an acute injury or to deal with recurring chronic issues on a long-term basis.

Treatment for Back Pain, Neck Pain and More

Whiplash, neck sprains, broken bones, muscle tears -- these are injuries that have a high risk of occurring as a result of a car accident. We can provide gentle or aggressive whiplash treatment, depending on the condition and physical fitness of the patient. We also offer a variety of manual adjustment techniques, tools and specialized exercise regimens that are all aimed at providing pain relief as well as creating a sustainable treatment plan for building ongoing physical health, durability and strength.

Supporting Your Long-Term Health and Recovery

With traditional, Western medicine, it is common practice to treat illness and injury as a singular issue. The problem is diagnosed, treated and then forgotten about. Many people only see or consult their doctor if something is physically wrong. With the chiropractic approach to health, we like to think of ourselves as health maintenance partners with our patients, not only doing what we can to alleviate pain but also to support and educate them on the best ways to stay healthy, active and pain-free in their everyday lives. We do this by practicing “whole person” wellness, meaning that we look at more than just the presenting illness or injury. We go beyond the surface to examine all of the underlying factors in our patients’ lives that may be causing chronic discomfort, pain or susceptibility to injury. Having a thorough awareness of our patients’ overall health, fitness, lifestyle and emotional well-being allows us to provide our patients with solutions for long-term healthiness instead of just a temporary fix.

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