Ergonomics Aren't Just for the Workplace

Most people know about workplace ergonomics, the practice that includes setting your chair at the right height and ensuring you give your eyes a break from that computer screen. But not as many realize that what they do at home and when they're out having fun also needs to be ergonomic. The importance of ergonomics and healthy posture does not end when the workday ends. Luckily, many workplace strategies are easy to put into effect outside the office. Advanced Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in the Imperial region can help you figure out what you need to do.


Sitting Is Sitting, No Matter Where You Sit

Your posture should be good regardless of where you are, and anything you're looking at, such as a TV, should be at an appropriate height so that your neck isn't bent in an unnatural way.

If you use a desktop or laptop at home, treat it like your work computer. Raise its height so that you can look straight at the screen and not have to look down; use wrist rests for the keyboard and mouse. Keep your feet in a comfortable position and use a chair with good back support. If you continually read on your phone, watch out for "text neck," a painful condition caused by looking down all the time and slouching while using a smartphone.

And most of all, give yourself a break. Lift your eyes away from screens every few minutes and focus on items both near and far. Get up and walk around. Even if you don't suddenly start doing calisthenics in front of the TV, as so many fitness sites have promoted in the past, you just need to get up and move so that you're not stuck in one place.

These are simple strategies that, along with things like a healthy diet and good sleep hygiene, increase your overall wellness. When you have that benefit of feeling a little better in general, you may find that any other aches and pains you had become more responsive to treatment.

Chiropractic Advice for Home Ergonomics

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