Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling at Advanced Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation 

At Advanced Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Imperial, we are committed to helping you live a full and healthy life. That is why we offer many services designed to help you accomplish this goal. In addition to chiropractic care, we also offer nutritional services and counseling. Here is everything you need to know about nutritional counseling. 

Nutritional Counseling

What is Nutritional Counseling? 

Nutritional counseling is the process of treating imbalances or ailments in the body through food intake. The foods you eat can have an effect on more than just your weight. Proper nutrition can help to reduce inflammation in the body, it can help you sleep better, and it can help your body to heal more efficiently. By watching what you eat, you are able to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, helping to reduce excess strain on muscles and ligaments. 

Who Can Benefit From Nutritional Counseling?

Many people think that they can only benefit from nutritional counseling if they are overweight, but this is simply not the case. Just about everyone can benefit from nutritional counseling in one way or another. If you are already relatively healthy, nutritional counseling can help you to ensure you are eating foods that are good for your overall well-being, increasing the likelihood of you staying healthy. If you are experiencing weight problems, chronic illnesses, or ailments, nutritional counseling may help you to relieve the symptoms associated with these conditions. 

How Can Nutritional Counseling Help to Improve Medical Conditions? 

If you have a medical condition, you may find yourself wondering how nutritional counseling can help to improve medical conditions. The foods that you eat contain vitamins and minerals, as well as other elements, such as fiber or protein. Different conditions can be treated or managed by increasing your intake of certain foods that may be right in vitamins, minerals, or other elements. Our chiropractor can review your condition and diet with you and help come up with one that is beneficial for you.

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Nutritional counseling is ideal for anyone. Nutritional counseling can help a healthy person remain healthy and can help someone suffering from an illness or weight problems overcome those problems. If you are in need of nutrition counseling, Advanced Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, located in Imperial, Missouri, can help you. Call us at (636) 464-5900 to schedule your appointment. 


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